Motor Honey Oil Stabilizer

The heart and soul of your car is the engine. It’s the source of power, the muscle in the muscle car, the thing that moves your people mover. Without it, your car is nothing more than a very expensive lawn ornament.

So why not give your engine the very best?

Motor Honey Oil Stabilizer is a race-engineered additive designed to improve the performance of motor oil. It reduces engine wear, increases horsepower, and improves fuel economy in both gasoline and diesel engines.

What it does
  • Blends with both synthetic and conventional oils
  • Reduces friction and engine wear
  • Helps increase fuel mileage and power
  • Helps prevent engine blow-by
  • Seals leaks
  • Lowers engine operating temperature, safely extending the life of both your engine oil and the engine itself
  • Ensures excellent cold weather protection for reduced engine wear and dry starts
  • Protects against oil breakdown in case of overheating
  • Maintains the multigrade characteristics of engine oil
  • Has detergent action to counteract engine acid buildup
  • Will not sludge or varnish
  • Works in both gasoline and diesel engines
Directions for use:

At every oil change, replace approximately 20% of the engine oil capacity with mother Honey Oil Stabilizer. For example, if the engine oil capacity is 5 quarts, mix 1 quart of Motor Honey Oil Stabilizer with 4 quarts of your regular engine oil.

Part #: C166

Size: 32 oz./946 ml | Qty/Case: 6 | Cases/Pallet: 36

This product allowed me to run this vehicle, a 2001 Nissan Altima, with 276,000 miles a bit longer. There is no need for adding quarts of oil at this time, and the quality of oil in the engine has been enhanced by Motor Honey. The oil previously turned black and thin quickly and now holds its integrity throughout long daily drives to work that are 90 miles at highway speeds.

Dawn P.Motor Honey Customer

I used Motor Honey in my 1995 Ford Thunderbird that had a tired 4.6L V8. Not only did your product reduce oil consumption, it even improved performance and gas mileage.

Richard B.Motor Honey Customer

My Subaru was plagued with a noisy lifter. After one treatment of Motor Honey, it quieted down. Now I can still drive my car every day and not worry.

Roy W.Motor Honey Customer

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