Motor Honey High Mileage oil Treatment

Keep your high-mileage car or truck on the road even longer with Motor Honey’s High Mileage Oil Treatment!

Motor Honey High Mileage provides the same benefits as our original Motor Honey Oil Treatment, but is specially formulated for vehicles with over 75,000 miles on the odometer. It helps protect internal engine parts and extend engine life, while also reducing oil consumption and eliminating exhaust smoke.

What it does

  • Reduces motor oil consumption
  • Stops exhaust smoke
  • Protects engine parts from wear

  • Extends engine life
  • Works in any gasoline or diesel engine with over 75,000 miles

Directions for use:

Add one bottle of Motor Honey High Mileage Oil Treatment to the engine oil with every oil change.

Part #: C165-12

Size: 14 oz./414 ml | Qty/Case: 12 | SDS

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