Prevent Problems

Stop smoke. Reduce friction.
Extend life.
Motor Honey Oil Treatment
– Reduces oil burning
– Stops smoke in the exhaust
– Quiets noisy engines
– Improves oil viscosity
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Motor Honey High Mileage
– Reduces motor oil consumption
– Stops exhaust smoke
– Protects engine parts from wear
– Extends engine life
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Solve Problems

End embarrassing oil leaks.
Motor Honey Engine Oil Leak Stopper
– Stops leaks and conditions seals
– Helps prevent future leaks
– Extends engine life
– Compatible with conventional and synthetic oils
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Tranny Honey Transmission Treatment with Leak Stopper
– Stops and prevents transmission leaks
– Cleans and treats moving parts
– Smoothes rough shifting
– Conditions transmission fluid
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Power Steering Honey with Leak Stopper
– Stops most leaks
– Identifies leaks with fluorescent pink leak finder
– Conditions seals
– Is non-corosive & non-foaming
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