Power Steering Honey With Leak Stopper

A leaky power steering system can be a costly and even dangerous problem. Fortunately, Power Steering Honey provides a quick, easy, and very low-cost solution.

Power Steering Honey is a premium power steering fluid that includes both a leak stopper and a leak finder. The leak stopper automatically seals most leaks, while the fluorescent-colored leak finder makes it easy to identify where the leak was coming from. That way, even if you do have to replace a part, you know exactly which part of the power steering system is causing the problem. You save time and money either way.

What it does

  • Stops most power steering fluid leaks
  • Identifies leaks with an easy-to-spot, fluorescent-colored leak finder
  • Conditions seals, keeping them soft & pliable

  • Is non-corrosive, non-foaming, and non-clogging
  • Prevents wear caused by low power steering fluid levels
  • Compatible with domestic, most imports and heavy-duty power steering fluids

Directions for use:

Add to power steering fluid reservoir to replace lost fluid or help stop leaks. Do not overfill. A single bottle of Power Steering Honey can treat up to 3 quarts of power steering fluid. Hot pink fluorescent color helps identify leaks.

Part #: C155-12

Size: 14 oz./414 ml | QTY/CASE: 12 | Cases/Pallet: 100 | SDS

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